June 11, 2021

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The princess and the wolf

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Geile Sexgeschichte kostenlos aus dem Mittelalter: I was late that day, as usual. When I arrived in the courtyard, an eerie silence greeted me, I walked through rooms and rooms of people sitting, crouching, lying, all asleep as if frozen in time. Slowly I paced the long hallways, quiet rooms and courtyards, removing more and more layers of my dress until I was completely naked, enjoying the freedom, the feel of a cool, light breeze on my breasts, safe in the knowledge that no one could see me now as I set out to exact my revenge.

It began many years ago. The King and Queen had tried long and hard to get pregnant, and despite all their efforts, the Queen remained childless. Fearing her husband’s ever-growing restlessness and suspecting that she might be infertile, she became more and more desperate. And so, late one autumn evening, I heard her faint knock at my door.

My cottage was outside the city, in the middle of the forest that surrounded the kingdom and served as a border to the neighboring lands. To the townspeople I was a healer, one who knew her way around herbs and remedies, but in reality I am far more than that, for I come from the Court of the Unseen, and my powers are of night and magic. In the case of the queen, however, neither night nor magic was needed to find out why she would not conceive. The king, for all his pompous posturing and parades of power, was a wimp when it came to women and their bedding, and the only ones who could make him tough enough to shoot his load were his servants.

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My advice to her was simple. Either she had to find someone else to impregnate her or, if she didn’t want to risk this kind of infidelity, she had to find a way to get his sperm while he was sleeping with other men. She left without saying thank you, but I could tell her mind was racing and she was thinking of a way to resolve her desperate situation. My curiosity piqued, I followed her and watched her over the next few days, cloaked in the way fairies are invisible to human eyes. Finally, she seemed to have worked out a plan. One day, when the king retired to his private chamber, she went to the armory and ordered the captain of the guard to put armor on her and let her go in place of her husband’s private guard. Hesitantly, the captain agreed.

Well, the queen was voluptuous, so it took a lot of effort to squeeze her ample bosom and round buttocks into a man’s armor, but finally, breathing heavily and sweating in the plates and tight straps, she stood at her husband’s door. Slowly she entered.

The king was already half undressed, dressed only in his crown and royal robe, and sitting in a chair by the window. As she entered, he stood up. “Ah,” he said. “My faithful friend, have you come to please me once again?

The queen paused for a moment, then said, her voice hoarse and as low as possible under her helmet, “My fellow guardsman was struck ill, so today I will stand in his place.

The king stared at her for a moment, then nodded. “All right, then. Do you know what you have to do here?” he asked.

She hesitated. “I am here to please my master as he pleases,” she finally said, trying to bow as far as her armor would allow her.

The king nodded. “Then come and relieve me of the burden in my loins,” he said, sitting down on the bed, opening his robe and stroking his small, half-erect penis.

The armored queen came closer and knelt down, opened the visor only when her head was close to his crotch, and immediately began to suck on him as the helmet allowed her. The king moaned and breathed harder, but neither of them was very good at what they were doing and just couldn’t get any further. I almost went in to help them had it not compromised me, so I continued to watch from a safe distance outside their window as the king finally stood up and said, “I need more from you today. Let me take you from behind”.

The queen froze, but resigned, removed the straps that held her lower guard in place, but lowered them only enough to reveal her white, round, bare bottom. That seemed to be enough for the King, who just stood behind her and pushed into her soft, wet anus. I don’t know if he even got deep enough to penetrate her, but he didn’t seem to mind because only moments later he grunted and rolled back onto the bed.

The queen quickly slipped out of his room and went outside, taking off parts of her armor so she could move faster as she left the castle and hurried through the forest, her butt still exposed. When she reached my hut, I was already waiting for her. “Quickly,” she said, “I did what you asked and collected his seed.

I nodded, feigning ignorance. “So, where is he, then?” I asked.

She blushed, but turned and thrust her luscious buttocks at me. “It’s in my butt,” she said meekly. I licked my lips after waiting for that moment, then led her to my table where I bent her forward while kneeling behind her.

She was quite my type, a well rounded feminine woman with an ass that just begged to be fucked. I undid a few other straps until her leather clothes around her waist loosened completely and fell to the floor, giving me easy access to the whole area between her legs. Then I started licking her, starting at her dark, curly pubic hair, tasting the sweat and juices pouring out of her sweet cunt. I continued to work my way up until I reached her rosy anus, which was all sticky and smelled strongly of cum. As my tongue slapped over it, I could already taste the cum. I carefully began to collect it in my mouth and spit it into a small spoon.

Then my tongue began to penetrate her, wetting her anus as I split her cheeks with both hands. More sticky cum came out and I licked it up, sucking all I could get out of her asshole until the spoon was full. Through it all, she remained calm and composed, thinking only of finally getting pregnant. But when I started opening her labia and penetrating her with my fingers, she finally lost her composure and started moaning.

I worked her slowly, pushing my fingers further and further into her while constantly licking her clit, sucking it into my mouth, pulling on it with my teeth and making sure she got as wet as I could get her. More and more fingers penetrated her, stretching her wide. “Uhhhh,” she moaned, “H-h-h-how are you going to get me pregnant now?

I smiled and reached for the spoon. “We’ll do it like you’re a mare,” I said, placing it at the entrance to her pussy. She didn’t know what I meant by that, but the cold silver scared her. Slowly I slid the spoon in and held it firmly in my fingers. When the head of the spoon was gone, I pressed on, my hand pushing deeper and deeper into her soaking wet cunt, stretching and filling her deep and wide.

She moaned, grunted, then screamed as my knuckles passed her flaccid labia and my whole hand pressed firmly into her unfucked cunt. She arched back, pushing against me, her heavy tits swinging on the tabletop as I began to fuck her with my hand, deeper and deeper, past my wrist until the spoon hit her cervix. There I turned it over, scooping up the cum with my thumb, instilling some magic into it and making sure it was well distributed around her cunt as I pulled out again.

She gasped, exhausted, thin streams of cunt juice running down her legs as she remained bent over my table for a while, regaining her strength. I licked my fingers clean, but left her the spoon so she could get the rest of the cum and the slime of her cunt on it. She enjoyed the taste and finally got back up and dressed as best she could before thanking me and saying goodbye with a kiss.

Of course, helping the queen was not entirely altruistic. I had wanted a human child for myself for a while now and was determined to have her child as soon as the time was right. The queen must have sensed something of this, so when she had a daughter nine months later, I didn’t even get a hint of it, and instead she called on the Seelie court for help in guarding the princess’ birth and upbringing. Not that I needed any notice, since I had kept my eyes and ears on the Queen every day since she left my cottage. And of course, invited or not, I was able to enter the castle at my leisure, and when the day came for the royal couple to present their firstborn daughter to the court, they were in for a nice surprise.

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